What You Find

…and everything else you need.

Free is good and the Hub brings you the best of the free forums, resources adn articles for Apple’s Professional Video Application suite all sorted for easy access, but eventually you’ll want some professional help: some training, a plug-in or two, a template, project, loop, tutorial, class or stock shot.

  • The Pro Apps Hub is convenient

One account, one place, everything you need!

It’s all in one place, in the Hub. Browse for what you need; preview and purchase without leaving the Hub. Create one account and buy all the resources you need without ever doing more than clicking to confirm the purchase.

Buy only the techniques, tools and media you actually need. Never be forced into buying a whole package content get the one thing you need: the one tutorial, answer or plug-in.

Whether you want to buy a 25c How2, a $2 movie tutorial, an $8 plug-in, a $30 plug-in or more, you’ll never have to enter your credit card details all over the Internet, just to get what you need. And you’ll never have to buy more than you want: no buying bundles of plug-ins to get the one you need; you’ll never buy a tutorial CD to learn one new thing!

As long as it’s downloadable you can buy it, install it and integrate it through the Pro Apps Hub.

Need a resource? Search, purchase, install and continue working, without leaving the application you’re working in, without breaking your creative flow. Never fumble for your wallet, enter the credit card details over and over again!
The Pro Apps Hub is stress free

Never fumble or wonder where something needs to be installed: all downloads are installed where they’re needed – you don’t have to do a thing.

  • The Pro Apps Hub adds value

When you buy a tutorial here, a movie there you can never find what you’ve purchased. The Hub integrates all the training content and classes you buy into one place where you can find them again. Access any of your purchased content directly in the Hub, without breaking your creative flow. One central table of contents, one search point, wherever the content originated!

  • How great is that?!

The Hub includes all the features of The Intelligent Assistant and Assistance on Demand and is compatible with current products but it offers hundreds of free resources and does not require any Intelligent Assistance content. The Pro Apps Hub is the single place to buy content from all types of suppliers. Intelligent Assistance makes the software and gives you the free stuff, but you can buy from anyone.

The Best of what’s free…