Be Affiliate

Make Money as a Pro Apps Hub Affiliate

Each person that signs up for a full account with the Hub has the opportunity to enter an affiliate code during the sign-up process. The affiliate code not only allows special pricing to be offered to that group of customers but also tracks the customer to the affiliate. Affiliates receive a commission for each purchase made by the customer, for as long they remain a customer.

That affiliate should be you!

Whether you are a content provider, User Group, Value Added Reseller or independent entrepreneur, you can benefit from every person who signs up using your affiliate code. Benefit from your existing customers whatever they buy, whoever they buy from,whenever they buy through the Pro Apps Hub.


Training content provider: Not only do you make profit on your content, but on every purchase of plug-ins, resources or training from another provider that your customer makes.

Developer: Turn product support into a profit center. Encourage your customers to sign up for a Hub account to get enhanced support free (anything beyond the basics). You can charge anyone not your affiliate a small fee for the product support, but also make an ongoing income from every purchase of resources or training your affiliate makes.


Contact US to get your affiliate code and start earning commissions today.