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There are thousands of forums, articles, tutorials and free resources for Apple’s Professional Video Applications – Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, DVD Studio Pro, Shake, LiveType, Soundtrack, Compressor, Logic and Motion. The Pro Apps Hub brings these resources together into one convenient location where the best of what’s free is easily found in one place.

Find forums, articles, tutorials,resource, troubleshooting advice and user tips you never new existed with the Hub’s comprehensive listing what’s available free across the Internet.

We’ve searched the Internet so you can find all the most active forums (where you’ll get your questions answered accurately) by application name, company or interest area. New interesting forums are added and dead forums dropped, so you don’t waste time trauling the Internet. Load the forums inside the Hub – you’ll see them exactly as you would in a browser.

Get the latest news, updates and bug alerts without digging in the remote corners of the Internet.
The Pro Apps Hub lists the articles for the Apple Professional video applications so you can find you way easily to thousands of pages of free content that will help you understand, edit, composite, create and troubleshoot. Quick, easy access to the collective knowledge of hundreds of writers. All free.

Find articles and tutorials by application, subject or manufacturer. The articles load directly from the original site into the Pro Apps Hub. We weed out the duplicates, outdated content and dead links to bring you the best of what’s free – simply and easily.

Direct links to Troubleshooting and Help articles, wherever they are on the Internet, no matter how buried, are a click or two away in the Hub. Find help by application or category, when you need it. No dead links, no false hopes! And while there are no guaranteed outcomes with free, you’ll quickly get to the best available help, without leaving the Hub.

Never be bitten by a known bug! As soon as there’s a known issue, you’ll get an alert immediately through the Hub without needing to go searching or waiting to be caught by it. Know what’s safe to install and what cautions are needed (if any).

…and everything else you need.