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A lie detector is simply a polygraph that is primarily used to detect when somebody is lying about something to try and acquire the truth from them. If you are like most people, lying tends to make one record a change in physiological processes such as sweating, increased blood pressure and increased heart rate among others. However, there is a possibility of surpassing a lie detector test hence this makes people wonder how reliable this test is but the honest truth is that it depends. A court can only allow a lie detector test into evidence if both parties do agree to it.

However, the lie detector tests are regarded as inadmissible in court. There are numerous ways that people have invented, and they believe that they can beat the tests and some of these ideas work. If you feel that a lie test will only hurt your case in court, you can simply refuse to take it.

An average person does not maintain the same calm while lying that they have while telling the truth. The polygraph test measures all your significant vital signs to see where there is a spike which signifies that one is telling a lie. The test measures all your vital signs such as blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate. Some of these machines may vary depending on how complicated they may be, but overall, they are all the same.

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Nevertheless, these tests are almost never used at all during an actual criminal proceeding. Both the defence and prosecution ought to have agreed to use the test results for them to be admissible in the court but this happens rarely.

The main problem with the lie detector test and polygraph is that, while it can measure when one is under stress, there is no way to tell the cause of the stress. By the simple fact that one is in the process of being charged with a crime and also that they have to undertake a test may be stressful enough to throw their answers out of whack.

However, the idea of lie detecting has been opposed by many saying that it is more of a myth than a reality which has no scientific evidence backing it. A person who does not show any signs of stress through their vital signs can beat the test easily. It is not everyone who shows their levels of stress in a similar way hence someone who easily gets stressed can fail the test even when they may be telling the honest truth. The polygraph test was initially used in employment screenings, but for today, it is rarely used as it is difficult to determine their efficiency and accuracy.

In conclusion, the lie detector test ought to be disregarded and done away with as they have been passed by time, according to my opinion. We are currently living in an age whereby there is a high change of the false positives, therefore, they might always not be useful or might even give misleading results, and the probability is quite high as well.

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